Tweed & Text Tees

Happy Friday!

Today’s post goes out to all my friends and family who have waited patiently for me over the years. Instead of apologizing to everyone individually I figured I would send out a mass text with my t-shirt saying; “Sorry I’m Late”. Sometimes I wish I could walk around everyday wearing these types of tee’s, it would make life so much easier. “Sorry I didn’t text you back”, “Sorry I’m not sorry”…you get the picture.

Whenever I’m wearing a graphic tee, text tee, ok lets just say any tee; I always seem to add something fun to dress it up. I have a hard time “dressing down” in the classic sense. So I figured this statement tweed jacket was just the thing to spice up this t-shirt. Or any tee for that matter

IMG_7067 IMG_7080 IMG_7121 IMG_7074 IMG_7110 IMG_7119 IMG_7081 IMG_7123 IMG_7064

Sorry I’m Late Tee:AshleyKae Boutique (here) Tweed Jacket: Yoana Baraschi via Winners (here, & love these here & here) Denim: H&M (similar here) Heels: Zara (identical here) Bag: J.Crew (old, similar here) Pave Bracelet: Nordstrom (here) Watch: Michael Kors (here) Sunglasses: Coach (here)

If you were to wear any type of text tee what would it say?

Have a great weekend loves!

Random Fact About Me: In reality, I’m really not that bad at being late. When I was younger I used to get so mad at my mom because she was ALWAYS late. I’m actually thinking of gifting her this tee…she’s the one who really needs it. Love ya mom!