Coachella-ella: Day 2

After not getting home until 4am the night before, we weren’t exactly early risers the next day. But we rested our eyes, voices, and feet and got ready to do it allll over again. And more than happy to do it!

Day 2 was filled with yet another big line-up. We didn’t make it to the grounds till around 4pm and were welcomed with the sounds City and Colour. Simply can’t get enough of Dallas Green’s voice, and the fact that he’s Canadian just makes him that much cooler. The vibe on the grounds was a lot more laid back that afternoon as I think a lot of people were still in recovery mode, including us! But the party definitely picked up once Kid Cudi hit the stage. I love me some Kid Cudi. Although, I will say he forgot a ton of his lyrics…I think at one point he ad-libbed an entire verse. Oops! But oh well, all is forgiven when you’re at Coachella.

Cudi had us pretty hyped and left me kind of wanting more but the night was still early and we were off to see Lorde and Foster the People. I’m not a major Lorde fan, but after seeing her perform live I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a pretty cool person. You heard it here first!

After an amazing show by Foster the People we headed over to the infamous Sahara tent once again to see Empire of the Sun. And apparently so was everyone else because that place was beyond packed! So fun, but so sweaty. One good thing about being small is that eventually I was able to help us snake our way to practically the front of the stage. But on the other hand, the one bad thing about being small is that I could barely see. Until some majorly tall boy gave me a lift and I was able to watch the last 10 minutes of the show from 10 feet off the ground. Probably one of the coolest things I’ve experienced. Imagine hundreds of people surrounding you, amazing music, buzzing energy…pretty incredible! We stuck around for some good old Skrillex and then made our way over to catch the last bit of Nas.

And as we’re walking over to the stage I hear a pretty familiar voice. Thought it was to good to be true until I saw all the rock’s thrown up in the air. Jay-Z. Both him and Beyonce made surprise appearances that weekend and I was happy to see at least one of them. Although seeing Bey would have been beyond cray-zay.

For my day 2 look I kept the tropical print theme going with this adorable skort I picked up from Topshop. Definitely can’t wait to wear it again this summer (if it ever decides to show up!?). And I wanted to keep cool with a ruffle crop top and my favourite aviators. But not gonna lie I wish I had bundled up a bit more that day seeing as we came face to face with a sand storm that night. Sand was literally my main accessory, and don’t think I would recommend it. But who can complain when you’re jamming out to Kid Cudi and Skrillex all day!?

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Top: Forever 21 (here & here) Skort: Topshop (here, similar here, here & here) Converse: The Bay (also here) Bag: H&M (old, similar here & here) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here) Bracelet w/Ring: Aldo (similar here & here)