Sequins and Lattes

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Sequin Jacket:Simplicity (here, also love this one hereDenim: Zara (old, identical here) Tee: Urban Outfitters (here) Bag: Aldo Rise (here) Hat: Forever 21 (old, love this one here) Rings: H&M (great options here & here) Heels: Zara (old, identical here & here) Scarf: H&M (old, get one here)

Even though the leaves are changing colour and the temperatures dropping, I refuse to pull out my heavier coats. Instead, I’ve been relying on my chai tea lattes, scarves, and statement jackets to keep me warm. And so far so good! But if I’m being honest, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside I’ll still find a way to wear some sequins. Everyone does that right??

Another thing about fall that seems to get me every year is navy. I’m not a huge fan of the colour at any other time of the year but when fall rolls around I seem to want to wear it every other day. So this navy sequin jacket from Simplicity was a no brainer for me. Same with this tweed bag from the latest Aldo x Rise collection…it’s pretty much everything!

What have you been loving this fall?